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Where did the Huang He settle?
a) Yellow river
b) Yangtze River
c) Between the yellow and the Yangtze
d) The Gobi Desert

What is the nickname for the yellow river?
a) River of Sorrows
b) River of Sadness
c) River of many Floods
d) River of Dreams

Neolithic society began in China how many years ago?
a) 8000
b) 9000
c) 10000
d) 11000

Which was the first Chinese Dynasty?
a) Huang He
b) Xia
c) Shang
d) Zhou

Why did the Chinese create flood myths?
a) to teach their children to behave
b) to scare others from settling near the rivers
c) to please the gods
d) to explain the disaster of floods

Which of the following was not found in Shang tombs?
a) Jade and Bronze
b) Buried Homes
c) Horse and Chariots
d) Human Sacrifices

How long did the Shang Dynasty last?
a) 600 years
b) 700 years
c) 800 years
d) 900 years

True or false: the Shang created even and odd numbers?
a) True
b) False

What were most people's jobs during the Shang Dynasty?
a) kings and nobles
b) warriors
c) craftsmen
d) farmers

Under which ruler did Shang China reach its peak?
a) Tang
b) Wuding
c) Zhou

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