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Test Your Knowledge Of GA's Land Policies & How Technological Developments Impacted GA's Growth. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which land policy granted men between 200 & 1,000 acres of land?
a) headright system
b) yazoo land system
c) land lottery
d) head of household system

Which 2 present-day states were part of the land involved in the Yazoo land sale?
a) Georgia & Florida
b) Alabama & Mississippi
c) Tennessee & Georgia
d) Alabama & Tennessee

Which GA governor signed the Yazoo Act in 1795?
a) George Mathews
b) Joseph Brown
c) Rufus Bulloch
d) Alexander Hamilton

Two factors that contributed to the growth of the population of enslaved people in GA were
a) Trail of Tears & the War of 1812
b) land lottery system & Yazoo land fraud
c) introduction of cotton to GA & the invention of the cotton gin
d) tobacco farming & the Rescinding Act of 1796

Which was one way GA politicians thought to secure western GA?
a) Yazoo land sale opened up millions of acres
b) land lotteries made it easier for people to buy land
c) headright system gave plots of land to heads of families
d) Native Americans were forced from GA's borders

Which two factors influenced those eligible for GA's land lotteries of the 1800's?
a) religion & nationality
b) gender & marital status
c) political influence & wealth
d) last name & birth date

What did the U.S. promise to do as part of the agreement to reverse the Yazoo land sale?
a) impeach all senators involved in the Yazoo land sale
b) promise to remove the remaining Creek Indians from GA
c) give all GA settlers 50 acres of land
d) Both A & B

The invention of the cotton gin made it necessary for plantation owners to use more
a) enslaved people
b) tractors
c) cattle
d) silos

What did the Lousiana Purchase give farmers access to?
a) several gold mines
b) new options for crops
c) the Mississippi River
d) more enslaved people

Who invented the cotton gin?
a) John Calhoun
b) Eli Whitney
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Harriet Tubman

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