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Carolus Linnaeus is known for
a) founding the science of taxonomy
b) discovering retractable claws
c) identifying the characteristics of a rare species
d) discovering Tyrannosaurus rex

Mushrooms, molds, and yeasts are classified in the kingdom:
a) Protsita
b) Fungi
c) Lichen
d) Plantae

The seven levels of classification, from general to specific, are
a) kingdom, class, order, phylum, family, genus, species
b) kingdom, phylum, class, family, order, genus, species
c) kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species.
d) kingdom, class, phylum, order, family, genus, species

The cell membrane is selectively permeable. What does this mean?
a) allows anything into the cell
b) allows only water into the cell
c) only allows certain molecules into the cell
d) none of the above

Photosynthesis takes place in
a) chloroplast
b) chlorophyll
c) carbohydrates
d) chromatids

______ is what gives plants their green color.
a) water
b) cholophyll
c) carbon dioxide
d) glucose

The burning sensation you feel in your muscles after running a long distance is because of
a) active transport
b) photosynthesis
c) cellular respiration
d) fermentation

Vultures, which feed on the bodies of dead organisms, are
a) first-level consumers
b) scavengers
c) producers
d) herbivores

In a certain habitat, young deer were the main source of food for the wolves. One year a severe snowstorm killed many of the young deer. Which of the following best describes what probably occurred the next year?
a) some wolves died or moved to another habitat
b) the deer moved south to have their young
c) the deer population was completely destroyed
d) the wolves learned to eat producers

An early winter frost preventing further growth in a tomato garden is an example of
a) carrying capacity
b) limiting factor
c) biotic factor
d) indirect observation

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