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US History.

1. George Washington suggested that America should be what when dealing with other countries?
a) Stay neutral
b) Join World Wars
c) Align with Europe
d) Align with Asia

2. What did the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 do to America?
a) Double the size of the United States.
b) Triple the size of the United States
c) Make Mexico our newest neighbor
d) Make Canada our closest neighbor

3. Who helped Lewis and Clark find their way on their expedition?
a) Sacagawea
b) Pocahontas
c) Pope Leo X
d) William Tyndale

4. What is the term for the British practice of seizing American sailors and forcing them to serve in the British navy?
a) Impressement
b) Shanghaing
c) Oceannapping
d) Excommunicate

5. What was the act called that banned or prohibited trade with England and France?
a) Embargo Act
b) Tea Act
c) Stamp Act
d) Adams-Onis Act

6. Which city was captured and burned to the ground by the British in the War of 1812?
a) Washington DC
b) New York, New York
c) Boston, Mass
d) New Orleans

7. What was the name of the battle that was fought after the War of 1812 was over?
a) Battle of New Orleans
b) Battle of Gettysburg
c) Battle of Washington DC
d) Battle of Toronto

8. What did the paintings produced by students from the Hudson River school reflect?
a) A new appreciation of America through the painting of landscapes
b) A the shift to abstract paintings illustrating the discord in America
c) the change of focus in American painting from landscapes to portraits
d) the division in the American culture produced by the War of 1812

9. James Fenimore Cooper popularized what type of writing?
a) Historical Fiction
b) Mystery
c) Comics
d) Poetry

10. He was America’s first popular author?
a) Washington Irving
b) Martin Luther
c) Mark Twain
d) William Tyndale

11. Which document prevented further colonization of North and South America?
a) Monroe Doctrine
b) Jefferson Papers
c) Washington's Farewell Address
d) Adams-Onis Treaty

12. How did the Convention of 1818 affect the boundaries of the United States?
a) It drew a border between the US and Canada extending to the Rocky Mountains.
b) Mexico lost its boarder to Spain
c) Oregon became a part of the United States
d) Florida became a part of the United States

13. The victory of New Orleans helped this man become a national hero and a future president?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) Millard Fillmore
c) US Grant
d) John Quincy Adams

14. What area was taken from Spain by Andrew Jackson?
a) Florida
b) New Mexico
c) Texas
d) California

15. Who was against political parties and taking on national debt?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) Andrew Jackson

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