2nd 9wks Exam 2018 Question Preview (ID: 45147)

Middle East Asia Geography.

Which is the biggest problem keeping the Ganges from being cleaned up?
a) The lack of illness in the area
b) The people do not view it as a problem
c) The government does not view it as a problem
d) Growing population and run-off from farming

Which factor most encourages trade?
a) Tariffs
b) Specialization
c) Trade Barriers

The practice of cremation has led to pollution in:
a) Yangtze
b) Huange He
c) Indus
d) Ganges

What is the largest ethnic group in South West Asia (the Middle East)
a) Persian
b) Kurd
c) Arab
d) Bedouin

The price and production of oil is controlled by which group?
b) UN
d) CDC

The Ganges Action Plan was created in 1985 to address what?
a) Water pollutuion
b) Air pollution
c) Overpopulation
d) Weapons of mass destruction

High citizen participation is found in what government type?
a) Autocratic
b) Democratic
c) Theoccratic
d) Oligarchic

How does industry impact the Ganges River Valley?
a) Cremation is no longer allowed
b) Factories dump chemicals into the river daily
c) It decreases the amount of water downstream
d) Indians are no longer allowed to use the river for household needs

How would you best describe the climate of the Middle East?
a) Arid
b) Subtropical
c) Temperate
d) Combination

What is a major contributor to air pollution in RURAL India?
a) The large number of factories
b) The people cook over wood or coal fires
c) Algae has contaminated the area
d) Chemical fires

What connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea?
a) Gaza Strip
b) West Bank
c) Suez Canal
d) Persian Gulf

The rapid growth of algae in the Yangtze River has resulted in:
a) The contamination of fish resulting in their death
b) The use of algae as a food source for fish
c) The inability to use the river as a transportation hub
d) The use of algae as a fertilizer for the fertile areas surrounding the river

Which issues most keep India from addressing its problem with air pollution?
a) rapidly growing population, heavy industry, and a rise in the use of automobiles
b) the government does not view pollution as a problem
c) the people do not view pollution as a problem
d) a declining population, a reduction in industry, and fewer automobiles

Which factor contributes to air pollution in China?
a) cremation
b) use of coal burning power plants
c) a lack of automobiles
d) a decline in industry

Islam was founded by:
a) Abraham
b) Jesus Christ
c) Mohammad
d) Siddhartha Gautama

Which country is a monarchy?
a) Syria
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Iraq
d) Turkey

The highest mountains in the world, leading to the area's nickname roof of the world, are found in which area?
a) Himalayas
b) Taklimakan
c) Ganges
d) Hindu Kush

How would you best describe China's climate?
a) Arid
b) Subtropical
c) Temperate
d) Combination

Rule by ONE central government denotes which type of government?
a) Unitary
b) Confederacy
c) Federal
d) Anarchy

Which is a leading cause of death in China?
a) Acid Rain
b) Skin Cancer
c) Radiation poisoning
d) Respiratory and Heart Disease

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