Winter Final 2018 Question Preview (ID: 45144)

Winter Exam 40 Questions.

Which of these cities has the world's largest urban population with over 30 million residents?
a) New York City
b) Mexico City
c) Sao Paolo
d) Tokyo

Which nation is made up of four main islands (Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku) and thousands of smaller islands?
a) Indonesia
b) Japan
c) Oceania
d) Thailand

If OPEC decided to cut oil production for the coming year, what would be the MOST LIKELY effect?
a) prices would not change
b) oil prices would probably rise
c) oil prices would probably decline
d) the price for substitute products would decline

In a traditional economy, the decision to make (or not make) certain products is decided MOSTLY by
a) custom
b) entrepreneurs
c) government
d) producers

In capitalist economies, prices are
a) usually unfair
b) set by the central government
c) used to ensure social equality
d) determined by supply and demand

In a command economy, how is it determined what goods and services will be produced?
a) Businesses decide what to produce on the basis of market conditions.
b) Consumers decide through their behavior in the marketplace.
c) Central government planning decides what will be produced
d) Supply and demand control production and price

Which group has been an example for successfully determining the amount and price of a world-wide commodity?
a) The European Union
b) World Trade Organization
c) North Atlantic Treaty Organization
d) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Which statement is the BEST example of human-environmental interaction in North Africa?
a) Arab conquests spread Islam into North Africa
b) The Nile flows from south to north and empties into the Mediterranean Sea
c) The construction of the Aswan Dam to provide hydroelectric power and irrigation
d) The Sahara desert is considered a natural barrier between North and Sub-Saharan Africa

Countries which border the Persian Gulf such as Kuwait have very limited fresh water supplies. Many are forced to search for water from other sources such as
a) refining petroleum oil into drinking water
b) desalinization of salt water from the Persian Gulf.
c) importing water using the same ships that transport oil.
d) pumping water from the Black Sea through an overland pipeline

Which nation has no political parties, no voting rights for its citizens, and is ruled by a king?
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Saudi Arabia
d) United Arab Emirates

In this type of economic system, the production of goods and services is controlled solely by the concept of supply and demand, businesses are operated for profit, and the government is not involved
a) command
b) communism
c) market
d) mixed

The government of Saudi Arabia can be classified as a monarchy. Which statement provides the BEST definition of this type of government?
a) a government ruled by a wealthy, upper class elite
b) a government ruled by a king, with absolute powers
c) a government ruled by a small group distinguished by royalty, wealth, family, or military powers
d) a government ruled by people who have been selected by talent, ability, and good leadership skills

The climate in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran is mainly
a) desert
b) tropical
c) mediterranean
d) continental

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the government controls every aspect of oil production which makes up the majority of the country's economy. While other businesses are owned by individuals, the biggest segment of Saudi Arabia's economy is oil producti
a) entirely Market
b) almost entirely Command
c) a mixture between just Market and Traditional
d) a Mixed economy with large amounts of Command

The LARGEST sector of Israel's economy involves
a) gold mining
b) coffee harvesting
c) high-tech industries
d) petroleum production

How MIGHT a war with a country that is a member of OPEC impact citizens living in the United States?
a) Gas prices may increase due to a rise in price of crude oil
b) Pharmaceutical exports dip as a result of increased tensions
c) The sale of foreign cars decreases due to an increase in tariffs
d) The automobile industry suffers due to a decrease in auto part exports

Fought war against its northern neighbor beginning in 1950 • Capital of Seoul • Government is run as a presidential republic What country is being described?
a) North Korea
b) South Korea
c) North Vietnam
d) South Vietnam

Which is a challenge that is MOST LIKELY unique to urban areas?
a) power outages
b) shortage of water
c) population density
d) lack of personal time

Although Buddhism began in India, its highest percentage of followers today can be found in the country of
a) China
b) Japan
c) Russia
d) Bangladesh

India has the second highest population in Asia. Which country has the HIGHEST population?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Russia
d) Pakistan

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