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Agreed to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America
a) William Tucker
b) Nathaniel Bacon
c) Indentured Serevants
d) Pilgrims

The first African American born in the colonies
a) William Tucker
b) Nathaniel Bacon
c) William Bradford
d) Squanto

Granted Protestants and Catholics the right to worship freely
a) Constitution
b) Mayflower Compact
c) Act of Toleration
d) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

Led raids on Indian villages called the "Bacon Rebellion"
a) William Tucker
b) Squanto
c) William Bradford
d) Nathaniel Bacon

Ended Spanish control of the seas and made a way for England to start colonies in North America
a) Defeat of Armada
b) Bacon's Rebellion
c) Defeat of Jamestown
d) Mayflower Compact

Colonists named this colony after their king
a) New York
b) Georgia
c) Jamestown
d) Plymouth

Company where investors buy stocks for a share of the profit
a) Full Stock Company
b) Joint Stock Company
c) Joint Profit Company
d) Partnership

Reasons why England and Spain were fighting
a) Jamestown
b) Joint Stock Companies
c) Trading Rivalries and Religious Diffeences
d) Defeat of the Armada

Because the Pilgrims wanted law and order they wrote the
a) Mayflower Compact
b) Jamestown Compact
c) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
d) Carolina Constitution

Sir George Yeardly allowed men to elect burgesses who made _______ for the colony.
a) Money
b) Food
c) Laws
d) Shelter

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