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Which was NOT a middle colony?
a) Maryland
b) New York
c) New Jersey
d) Pennsylvania

Which was NOT one of the southern colonies?
a) Maryland
b) Georgia
c) Virginia
d) Pennsylvania

What was NOT a disadvantage faced by the Jamestown colonists?
a) Malaria
b) Lack of good farmland
c) Colony hard to defend
d) Surrounded by Indians

What did the Jamestown colonists search for instead of growing food?
a) Gold
b) Tobacco
c) Farmland
d) Mammoths

Colony that disappeared
a) Jamestown
b) Roanoke
c) Virginia
d) Pennsylvania

Pilgrim's Ship
a) Nina
b) Santa Maria
c) Mayflower
d) Squanto

First written constitution in America
a) Mayflower Compact
b) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
c) Act of Toleration
d) Jamestown Compact

Showed Pilgrims how to grow corn
a) William Bradford
b) William Tucker
c) Squanto
d) Nathaniel Bacon

Leader of the Pilgrims
a) Squanto
b) William Tucker
c) William Bradford
d) Nathaniel Bacon

A plan of government
a) Constitution
b) Compact
c) Bill
d) House of Burgesses

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