Social Studies Midterm Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 45039)


Why were Anti-Federalists against the ratification of the Constitution?
a) They wanted the king to agree with it
b) The Great Compromise created problems
c) There was dissatisfaction with the compromises from the convention
d) There was no protection (Bill of Rights) for the states and people

Which statement was said by someone who wants to support the Constitution?
a) A strong central government is necessary for order
b) A Bill of Rights is necessary for protection
c) The compromises were not wise and should be overturned
d) The Constitution does not protect its citizens

Why were taxes imposed upon the colonists without their consent?
a) economic policy started after the debt from the French and Indian War
b) The king wanted to punish the colonists
c) There was an interference in the trans-atlantic slave trade
d) To pay for the king's vast empirial expansions

What economic venture did France seek in America?
a) Farming
b) Fur trade
c) Shipbuilding
d) Fighting

What caused governments like the Mayflower Compact, Orders of Connecticut, and Virginia's House of Burgesses to become created?
a) Economy in Great Britain was awful
b) The king was very strict about rules in the colonies
c) Distance led to the colonies becoming neglected
d) The Church of England

Where did Catholics find safety in America?
a) Pennsylvania
b) New Hampshire
c) Maryland
d) New York

Which is an example of James Monroe's foreign policy?
a) Ban of trade among America and Europe
b) Whiskey Rebellion must be ended.
c) No more interference in the nations in the Western Hemisphere
d) No more interference in the nations in the Eastern Hemisphere

How did George Washington demonstrate his commitment to liberty?
a) By being Commander in Chief of the Continental Army
b) By setting precedents
c) By serving as general for the Union in the Civil War
d) purchasing the Louisiana territory from France

Jamestown, Plymouth, and Mayland would be great topics to discuss which era in U.S. History
a) Civil War
b) Colonization
c) Revolutionary
d) Constitutional

Which amendment guarantees trial by jury?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 9
d) 10

Which describes the Era of Good Feelings?
a) The nation just signed a treaty with the Natives
b) A period with no war in the world
c) Unity in America with a sense of national purpose
d) James Madison won the Battle of Jacinto

Which describes Freedom of the Press?
a) A person can write sedition about the government freely
b) A person can only practice one religion on Sunday
c) Americans can come together peacefully
d) If a law needs to get changed, people can use their signatures.

The fourth amendment protects Americans how?
a) There is no life in prison
b) Armed forced have to apply to carry weapons
c) The government cannot force you to practice one religion
d) There is no excessive surveillance by the government

Marbury v. Madison established a principle, that will be used by all courts, so they can do what?
a) impeach any president who is making bad decisions
b) review a law to determine if it is constitutional
c) allow congress to overturn a presidential veto
d) add Maine and a free state into the Union

The Whiskey Rebellion showed what?
a) France was not a country to mess with
b) The Jay's Treaty was void
c) The power of the federal government
d) John Adams was an awful president

Alexander Hamilton created what for the stability of the nation's economy?
a) Bicameral Legislature
b) National Bank
c) Missouri Compromise
d) Northwest Ordinance

What happened after the Constitutional Convention?
a) New Constitution
b) Articles of Confederation passed
c) No more treaties with Europe
d) Shays' Rebellion

The Constitution created a new stronger what?
a) State government
b) Central government
c) Articles of Confederation
d) National border

What issue contributed to the rise of political parties?
a) France
b) George Washington
c) Power of the federal governement
d) Issue of foreign powers interfering with America

Political Parties stated because of disagreements between which two men?
a) Hamilton and Jefferson
b) Adams and Washington
c) Madison and Jefferson
d) Hamilton and Madison

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