Heart And The Circulatory System Quiz Question Preview (ID: 45036)

4th Grade Quiz.

These are tubes that carry blood back to the heart:
a) Veins
b) Tubas
c) Arteries
d) Pipes

You can keep your heart strong by:
a) Smoking
b) Eating heart-shaped candy
c) Doing activities, like playing outside, riding your bike, and swimming
d) Sleeping 18 hours a day

What does the right side of the heart do?
a) Pumps blood to the body
b) Pumps blood to the lungs
c) Receives blood from the lungs
d) Nothing

What parts act like doors that control blood flow in the heart?
a) Valves
b) Kidneys
c) Chambers
d) Heart blocks

What wall separates the left side and right side of the heart?
a) The great wall
b) Ventricle
c) Atrium
d) Septum

The atria are the “upstairs” chambers of the heart and these parts are the “downstairs” chambers:
a) Atrium
b) Ventricles
c) Blood
d) Valves

With circulation, the heart provides your body with and removes:
a) Oxygen
b) Nutrients
c) Waste
d) All of the above

The beating sound your heart makes comes from:
a) Your ears playing tricks on you
b) The heart skipping beats
c) Valves closing
d) Blood going the wrong directions

The movement of blood through the heart and body is called:
a) Heart pump
b) Circulation
c) Ventriculation
d) Locomotion

How many chambers does the heart have?
a) Four
b) Six
c) Five
d) Three

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