Mass Communications – Design Process Review Question Preview (ID: 45021)

Review For The Steps In The Design Process For Exam.

What is the first step in the design process
a) Define the problem
b) Generate ideas and research
c) Select an approach
d) Redesign

What is the process of gathering information and investigating existing technologies related to the problem
a) Generating ideas and research
b) Redesign
c) Interviewing
d) Prototype

Why should you talk to individuals who share this problem and could benefit from possible solutions
a) To better understand the problem and come up with beneficial solutions
b) To make people feel important
c) Because Mr Salber said so
d) To know what is already being done.

How do you choose a solution?
a) After conducting reseach and talking over multipule solutions with a team
b) You pick the first idea that the smartest kid has
c) You pick the best idea you have and quick build the solution
d) You copy an existing idea and pass it off as your own.

Why do you build a prototype?
a) To test it to see if it works and to get feedback from others
b) To sell it
c) Because Mr Salber said so
d) Because we have nothing better to do.

What is the final step of the Engineering Design Process?
a) Redesign
b) Research
c) Create a Prototype
d) Define a problem

A device or process originated after study and experiment
a) Invention
b) Innovation
c) Drones
d) Telephones

A new improvement to an existing device or process
a) Innovation
b) Invention
c) Drones
d) Telephones

Before you start to build your prototype you should first
a) Create a sketch or blueprint
b) Cry... A lot
c) Buy a 3D printer
d) Argue with your team

When creating a presentation of your design you should
a) Look at and rehearse your presentation numerous times
b) Discuss the problem your design solves
c) Include numerous images and visuals
d) all answers are correct

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