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This chemical traps light energy and gives leaves and stems their green color
a) chromatin
b) cytoplasm
c) chloroplast
d) chlorophyll

These are membrane bound organelles in plant and animal cells that transform energy for the cell.
a) mitochondria
b) golgi apparatus
c) lysosomes
d) nucleolus

This is the support structure in the cell
a) cytoplasm
b) cytoskelton
c) cilia
d) plastid

These make up the cytoskelton
a) micro-tubules
b) microfilaments
c) neither a nor b
d) both a and b

Large projections that move with a whip like motion
a) flagella
b) cilia
c) plastid
d) cytoplasm

Short hair like projections
a) flagella
b) cilia
c) plastid
d) cell wall

group of plant organelles used for storage of lipids, starches or pigments
a) plastid
b) cholorplast
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) ribosome

Thin hollow cylinders made of protien
a) microtubules
b) microfilaments
c) cell wall
d) cilia

Smaller solid protein fibers that are part of the cytoskelton
a) micro-tubules
b) flagella
c) micro-filaments
d) cilia

Strand of genetic material or DNA
a) cytoskelton
b) chloroplast
c) chlorophyll
d) chromatin

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