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Four apples ____________ by my sister at the supermarket.
a) is bought
b) are bought
c) bought
d) buys

My friends __________ the soccer match last Saturday.
a) win
b) were won
c) won
d) are won

That car __________ by the man in a blue coat.
a) steal
b) stole
c) are stole
d) was stolen

That small dog __________ that child.
a) was bitten
b) bit
c) is bitten
d) bite

All that food ____________ by Tony and Margaret.
a) ate
b) will eat
c) will be eaten
d) are eating

Oliver ____________ those children in his free time.
a) teaches
b) are taught
c) is teach
d) teaching

I _____________ many good stories by my mother.
a) tell
b) was told
c) didn't tell
d) don't telling

He ___________ an old motorcycle last week.
a) drive
b) was driving
c) is driving
d) will be driven

Those words ______________ by the teacher last session.
a) is explained
b) were explained
c) explained
d) explaining

A new restaurant ____________ next week.
a) was opened
b) is open
c) wiil be opened
d) are opened

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