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Parrots, herons, and sparrows are
a) warm-blooded
b) feathery
c) inveterbrates
d) cold blooded

This organism belongs to what
a) birds
b) reptiles
c) fish
d) mammals

What kind of worm is this?
a) round
b) flying
c) flat
d) segmented

This animal is a(n)
a) reptile
b) bird
c) fish
d) amphibian

Which classification is correct
a) phylum, kingdom, class, species
b) Class, order, family, kingdom
c) Phylum, class, order, family
d) Kingdom, species, class, order

Paired statements to help organize organisms.
a) classification
b) glossary key
c) story key
d) dichotomous key

a) all reptiles
b) reptiles and protists
c) all amphibians
d) reptiles and amphibians

Sponges reproduce by
a) sexual reproduction
b) budding
c) asexual and sexual reproduction
d) asexual production

Uses stringing cells to capture their prey
a) jellyfish
b) protists
c) worms
d) starfish

a) I am ant eater
b) I am an insect
c) I am a crustacean
d) I am an arachnid

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