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Fall 2018 Final Review.[print questions]

What might be one result of migration caused by the push factor of persecution? People who migrate due to persecution might
a) Be discriminated against due to religion or cultural values but share their practices with contacts in the new area, bringing
b) Move because of lack of work and find work in the new areas, making them turn to agriculture
c) Develop a whole new civilization that is technologically more advanced than their previous civilization
d) Be free and develop a new empire that controls a whole new territory and sets us new dictatorial government

Which factor is the best indicator of the wealth of a nation
a) Defense Spending
b) Number of millionaires
c) Gross Domesetic Product GDP
d) Prime interest rate

Which of the following best describes examples of formal, functional, and perceptual regions for the city of Houston respectively?
a) Houstonis part of the 5th District Court of Appeals, it is the capital Texas, and it is Rockets and Astros territory
b) Housto is Texan football territory, it is Metropolitan area, and Houston is part of the Northeastern United States
c) Houston is part of the Midwest, it is Texan territory for football, and is part of Texas
d) Houston is in Texas, it is the 11th Federal Reserve District, and is part of the Southwest United States

Which set of geographical information would provide the most accurate and up to date information about a specific geographical location
a) Current news articles and aerial photographs
b) Personal Photographs taken on vacation and travel journal
c) News article from 20 years ago and textbook map
d) Textbook map from 1999 and aerial photgraphW

What is the Main purpose of a map
a) They show where things are on Earth and their locations
b) They are good tools for practicing grid logic
c) They reduce distortion found in the real world
d) They use color and lines and are useful for illiterate people

The science of making maps is
a) Demography
b) Cartography
c) Topography
d) Geomorphology

Which is a central characteristic of a communist economy
a) Businesses are driven by the desire for profits
b) Workers are driven by competitive wages and other financial incentives
c) The government owns the means of production
d) Labor unions offer workers protection from unfair business practices

Which of the following has been useful benefit of Global Positionins System
a) GPS can store large amounts of digitalized data for emergency situations
b) Consumers can use GPS to navigate their cars when traveling
c) GPS can prevent cars and trucks from having road accidents
d) GPS has made it easier for countries to desalinate sea water

The state of Texas is a formal region because
a) Only one language is spoken everywhere in the region
b) The same state laws apply everywhere in the region
c) It is a part of the United states
d) The climate is the same everywhere in the region

ATV broadcasing area is an example of, what type of region
a) Formal Region
b) Functional region
c) Perceptual region
d) Climate region

Which of the following is the best example of perceptual region
a) The Sahara Desert - based on shared physical characteristics
b) The Mississippi Drainage basin - Based on common functions
c) The Dirty South of the United States - based on people's attitudes
d) The Ancient Roman Empire - Based on maps establishing political boundries

Which of the following is a functional region
a) Chicago metorpo0litan area includes the city and many suburbs
b) Northern Africa is primarily a Mediterranean climate zone
c) The Amazon Basin has population density of over 250 people per square mile
d) Various people often define the boundaries of Eastern Europe differently

Which of the following accurately lists physical factors help to constitute a region
a) Vegetation, climate, land and water forms
b) Political units, climate regions and river systems
c) Trade networks, religion practiced and language
d) Climate zones, language and trade networks

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