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Choose the DO: They moved enough soil to cover Connecticut.
a) enough
b) soil
c) Connecticut
d) They

Choose the DO: The project gave many towns an economic boost.
a) boost
b) towns
c) project
d) gave

Choose the DO: Builders poured concrete by the ton during the project.
a) ton
b) project
c) poured
d) concrete

Choose the DO: The federal government gave the states funds for their portions of the interstate highway system.
a) system
b) government
c) funds
d) portions

Choose the DO: State governments began building the system in the 1950's.
a) 1950's
b) governments
c) building
d) system

Choose the DO: The interstate highway system offers American cities a connection with each other.
a) highway
b) system
c) Amercian
d) connection

A direct object
a) is only found after a linking verb is found.
b) receives the action of the verb.
c) is only found with an indirect object.
d) renames or describes the subject.

A direct object can be
a) a noun
b) an adjective
c) an adverb
d) all of the above

Choose the DO: The system now reaches all areas of the country.
a) areas
b) reaches
c) country
d) system

Choose the DO: Astronauts can even see it from space.
a) Astronauts
b) space
c) it
d) even

Choose the DO: It brought Americans increased mobility.
a) drivers
b) light
c) stopping
d) country

Choose the DO: Drivers can cross the country without stopping for a traffic light.
a) It
b) brought
c) mobility
d) Americans

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