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Immigration.[print questions]

Which tactic was used by people nicknamed muckrakers to improve life for the poorest Americans?
a) They wanted more people to grow cotton that could be used to produce textiles.
b) They needed low paid workers for their factories
c) They hoped immigrants would bring ideas for new products.
d) They wanted to learn about new cultures in order to sell products in other countries.

What was the main goal of the Progressive Movement and the muckrakers who supported it?
a) to support hte formation of labor unions
b) to improve the conditions for the working class
c) to promote industry and the creation of monopolies
d) to end segregation in southern states

Which president is considered a progressive?
a) Grover Cleveland
b) Benjamin Harrison
c) William McKinley
d) Theodore Roosevelt

How did the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 impact business in the U.S.?
a) It forced businesses to hire women
b) It prevented businesses from forming monopolies
c) It allowed employees to unionize
d) It created safety laws for all employees

What was the main method of change preferred by most progressives during the early 1900s?
a) To push for new laws to protect workers.
b) to support local labor unions and strikes.
c) to push for an end to immigration
d) to block immigrants from politics

How did President Theodore Roosevelt gain the nickname, the Trust Buster?
a) He defended businesses rights to abuse and take advantage of the consumer
b) he lost the trust of the American people after he ended the oil monoply
c) he used old laws to break trusts and monopolies
d) he used old laws to protect trusts and monopolies

What did Progressives think was the best method of improving working conditions?
a) strikes by labor unions
b) collective bargaining
c) passing new laws
d) persuading company owners

Why were most American cities need to improve sanitation and transportation systems in the early 1900s?
a) Factory jobs moved out of cities.
b) City governments stopped corruption.
c) Factory work made cities cleaners
d) City populations rapidly.

Which conditions describe life in the cities for the poorest workers?
a) Safe working conditions, high wages, overcrowded apartments
b) overcrowded apartments, long working hours, unhealthy living conditions
c) long working hours, high wages, unsafe factories
d) unsafe factories, high wages, large apartments

What was one negative impact of the growth of urban centers during the early 1900s?
a) Cultural diffusion increased
b) Pollution damaged the environment
c) Ethnic minorities gained political power
d) Public transportation gained popularity.

Why were many families against ending child labor in factories?
a) Many could not afford to lose the income gained by their children
b) Christian values encouraged children to work
c) It upset the traditions of many immigrant familes
d) the felt it was unconstitutional

Why were wealthy business owners in favor of immigration laws that allowed large number of immigrants to come to America?
a) writing articles and books to bring attention to problems
b) getting elected to office and passing new laws
c) raised money to start organizations that would promote reform
d) forming labor unions and encouraging workers to go on strike

What law did Teddy Roosevelt use to help break up the monopolies created big buisnesses?
a) the Meat Inspection Act
b) the Federal Reserve Act
c) the Sherman Antitrust Act
d) the Wagner Act

How did muckrakers intend to change American society?
a) They supported isolationism
b) They promoted big business
c) They exposed corruption within the government
d) They created political machines.

Increased immigration to the U.S led to what?
a) the end of slavery
b) the decline of political machines
c) the growth of big business
d) the spread of fascism

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