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What weather instrument measures temperature?
a) thermometer
b) anemometer
c) barometer
d) psychrometer

The amount of precipitation is measured with a
a) barometer
b) rain gauge
c) anemometer
d) thermometer

H is the symbol for
a) hail
b) helium
c) humidity
d) high pressure

The condition of the atmosphere at a particular time and place is
a) climate
b) emissions
c) weather
d) global warming

If you saw this on a weather map-73/55, what would the 73 mean?
a) population of the city
b) high for the day
c) low for the day
d) the chance of rain

A person that studies the weather is called a
a) anthropologist
b) meteorologist
c) paleontologist
d) archeologist

The condition of the atmosphere over a long period of time is
a) climate
b) acid rain
c) weather
d) the greenhouse effect

Which is NOT a factor of weather?
a) humidity
b) temperature
c) temperature
d) density

A sun half covered with a cloud means
a) cloudy
b) partly cloudy
c) sunny
d) rainy

******** can be a symbol for
a) haze
b) hail
c) rain
d) snow

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