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What type of energy is released from the sun to be used by plants?
a) Chemical
b) Mechanical
c) Radiant

What type of energy is found in food?
a) Chemical
b) Mechanical
c) Radiant

How do plants take in the water they need?
a) through stomata
b) through the roots
c) through the leaves

Light energy for the plant to use in making its food is trapped by
a) chlorophyll
b) carbon dioxide
c) water

During the process of photosynthesis,
a) radiant energy is converted into chemical energy
b) heat energy is changed into potential energy
c) radiant energy is changed into potential energy
d) thermal energy is exchanged for kinetic energy

Organisms that make their own food are
a) consumers
b) carnivores
c) producers
d) herbivores

Consumers that use dead organisms for for energy are
a) decomposers
b) herbivores
c) omnivores
d) carnivores

If a mouse was killed and eaten by a snake, how much of the mouse's energy would be passed on to the snake?
a) 100%
b) 15%
c) 10%
d) 5 %

The total number of living things in an area is called
a) transpiration
b) biomass
c) succession
d) reduction

Which organisms are the main decomposers?
a) bacteria and fungi
b) worms and flies
c) grass and algae
d) bees and butterflies

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