7th Grade Unit 5 Ecosystems Question Preview (ID: 44860)


The living factors in an ecosystems are called
a) biotic
b) abiotic
d) undead

The giant salvinia plant in Northwest Louisiana is considered a(n) ____________ species because it is not native to this region.
a) invasive
b) welcome
c) predatory
d) unnatural

The variety of living things in an ecosystem refer to it's ______.
a) biodiversity
b) abiotic diversity
c) bioluminescence
d) biweekly

Organisms which make their own food are known as ______, while organisms that consume other organisms for energy are called _________.
a) autotrophs; heterotrophs
b) heterotroughs; autotrophs
c) heterozygous; homozygous
d) chefs; diners

A symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit is called
a) mutualism
b) commensalism
c) parasitism
d) predatory

A biome in which trees lose their leaves the autumn producing very fertile soil is called a _______ biome.
a) deciduous forest
b) rainforest
c) conifereous forest
d) enchanted forest

An energy pyramid is used to illustrate organisms and energy at each _________ level.
a) tropic
b) scavenger
c) omnivore
d) logistic

In an s-curve, the population starts off in a lag phase, increases exponentially, then levels off when the population reaches its ______.
a) carrying capacity
b) resource capacity
c) last straw
d) commensalism capacity

____________ break down dead organic material while ________ consume the carcasses of dead animals killed by another organism.
a) decomposers; scanvengers
b) scavengers; decomposers
c) scavengers; omnivores
d) decomposers; carnivores

A group of organisms of the same species in the same area at the same time is a ________, while all the groups of different species in the same area at the same time is a ______.
a) population; community
b) community; population
c) club; organization
d) taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat

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