4.01 HTML TAGS Question Preview (ID: 44858)

Read Each Statement And Select The Best Answer.

Defines a documents body; the visable content
a) body
b) tail

Defines a paragraph
a) p
c) t
d) =

Defines a title for the document. the title appears in the browser, not in the webpage. the title must be in the head section
a) style
b) title
c) h6
d) (img)

Horizontal rule; Defines a thematic change in the content
a) title
b) p
c) hr
d) br

Defines an ordered list
a) ol or li
b) ul
c) /ol
d) /

anchor tag; Defines a hyperlink; href is a required attribute.
a) html
b) link
c) br
d) a href=

Image Tag; defines an image; src is a required attribute. include example
a) h1
b) img src=
c) body
d) p

Defines sound content with example
a) audio
b) video
c) animation
d) graphic

Defines an embedded object
a) ()
b) img src
c) head or tail
d) object or embed

Defines a header for the document or section
a) header
b) footer
c) p
d) linkr

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