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Revolutionary War Review.

What was the main purpose of the Proclamation of 1763?
a) To prevent colonist from talking about the King
b) To help colonist trap fur in the Ohio River Valley
c) To forbid colonist from moving across the Appalachian Mountains
d) To give all colonist born in 1763 a plot of land at a discount

What benefit did the US Constitution provide that the Articles of Conferederation did not?
a) it expanded the rights of individual states
b) it created a weak federal government
c) it limited powers of the federal government
d) it created a strong federal government which was able to build the infrastructure of the country

Why was Button Gwinnett important?
a) He was not significant
b) he was a skilled doctor who helped cure the people of Savannah from illness
c) He was one of the 3 GA signers of the Declaration of Independence
d) He signed the U.S. Constitution

Who won the Battle of Kettle Creek?
a) Loyalists
b) Patriots
c) Pulaski
d) French

What was the date that the Declaration of Independence was signed?
a) July 4, 1776
b) July 4, 1787
c) July 2, 1776
d) July 2, 1775

The preamble is which part of the Declaration of Independence?
a) the end
b) The middle
c) the beginning
d) not in the declaration

What war was fought to give the British control over the lands being discussed?
a) Indian and British War
b) Ohio River Valley War
c) War of 1812
d) French and Indian War

Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence?
a) Ben Franklin
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Sam Adams
d) Paul Revere

Why did the Proclamation of 1763 forbid colonists from moving west?
a) King George wanted to sell the land to the highest bidder
b) The Colonial Legistlator vetoed an earlier law
c) King George wanted to avoid conflict with the Native Americans because Britain couldn't afford another war
d) King George wanted to give the land back to the French in time

According to the Proclamation of 1763, in what direction were settlers trying to move?
a) North
b) West
c) Northeast
d) Southwest

This type of American Colonist was in support of the British paraliament.
a) Patriot
b) Yes man
c) Loyalist
d) Whig

This was a tax on all printed materials in the 13 Colonies
a) Stamp Act
b) Tea Act
c) Sugar Act
d) Townshend Act

Finish this American Colonist Motto - No taxation without... ?
a) Transportation
b) Relaxation
c) Representation
d) Sensation

Why were the American Colonist taxed after the French and Indian War?
a) Britain was in debt and needed money
b) They made too much money
c) Townshend Acts
d) That was the agreement with the Native Americans

These famous words We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal is part of:
a) Bill of Rights
b) Treaty of Paris
c) Declaration of Independence
d) U.S. Constitution

What was one purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
a) to establish a framework for government
b) to state the reasons for the colonies to separate from England
c) to express reasons for limiting immigration
d) to list arguments for women’s suffrage

Why did the Article of Conferederation want a federal government with limited power?
a) They did not want a government that gave power to southern states
b) They wanted an increase in taxes
c) They had just freed themselves from a strong national government and did not want that same form of government in place
d) They wanted the States to expand west

What was the difference between a Patriot and a Loyalist?
a) Patriots supported Britain and Loyalists wanted freedom
b) Patriots supported French, Loyalists supported Britain
c) Patriots wanted freedom, Loyalists supported British
d) Patriots and Loyalists were the same thing

What was the impact of the Siege of Savannah?
a) Patriots won with the help of French, and took control of Savannah for the rest of the war
b) Patriots lost, with help of French, British took control of Savannah for the rest of war
c) Patriots won with help of Spanish and took control of Savannah for the rest of war
d) Patriots lost with help of French, British blew up the city leaving it ruined

Who were the 3 GA signers of the Declaration of Independence?
a) Walton, Gwinnett, Baldwin
b) Hall, Gwinnett, Baldwin
c) Gwinnett, Hall, Clarke
d) Walton, Hall, Gwinnett

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