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Many of these people chose places to settle that
a) had warm, sunny beaches
b) lots of shopping available
c) natural resources available for them to use
d) scarce resources

Adapt means to
a) tell stories to help your people remember
b) record history on a buffalo hide
c) change or adjust
d) sleep in on the weekend

The people that migrated were looking for big game. Some examples are:
a) Monopoly
b) wooly mammoths
c) caribou
d) answers 2 and 3

Scientists believe that Early Americans migrated from
a) Australia
b) Europe
c) Siberia
d) Canada

Something found in our natural environment
a) cars
b) snacks
c) soil
d) school

Origin stories explain
a) how this group of Native Americans came to be
b) tell about the beginning of this group
c) tells where this group lived in the beginning
d) all of the above

What was the purpose of recording pictographs on buffalo hide?
a) to make a tipi
b) to record their history
c) to pass the time
d) I need to phone a friend

What would the Inuits have used to help them adapt to their environment?
a) snow goggles to protect their eyes
b) an igloo to live in
c) float made from sealskin
d) all of the above

What does migrate mean?
a) move
b) adjust or change
c) things found in nature
d) all the things around us

Early Americans migrated to what continents?
a) Europe and Asia
b) Africa and Asia
c) Australia and Asia
d) North America and South America

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