Chapter 3 Review Question Preview (ID: 44838)

Test Review.

____________________ is a push or a pull.
a) gravity
b) acceleration
c) force
d) motion

Inertia of an object depends on the objects ________________.
a) speed
b) mass
c) shape
d) volume

According to Newton's first Law, objects will remain in constant motion until an __________ force acts on it
a) gravitational
b) frictional
c) balanced
d) unbalanced

According to Newton's 2nd Law, in order to make an object have a greater acceleration, it requires a greater___________.
a) force
b) speed
c) mass
d) momentum

Whenever an object is sliding or rolling across a surface it will have the force of ____________ opposing it.
a) gravity
b) friction
c) air resistance
d) inertia

The force that opposes an object falling through the air is ______________________.
a) gravity
b) friction
c) air resistance
d) inertia

If there was no air resistance, a hammer would fall at _______________ rate as a feather
a) the same
b) a greater
c) a slower
d) none

If forces are equal and in the opposite direction, they are called _____________________.
a) frictional forces
b) unbalanced forces
c) balanced forces
d) gravitational forces

gravity is
a) an attractive force
b) a repulsion force
c) not a force

According to Newtons 3rd Law, for every action force there is an ________________ reaction force.
a) equal size and opposite direction
b) equal size and same direction
c) different size and direction
d) different size and same direction

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