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What happens when you mix salt and pepper with water?
a) The salt disappears and no longer exists.
b) The salt floats and the pepper sinks.
c) The salt dissolves into pieces.
d) The salt and pepper mix together and you can see both solids.

Sand and dirt are examples of--
a) Gases
b) Liquids
c) Solutions
d) Mixtures

What happens to sugar as it dissolves?
a) It changes into water.
b) The sugar is washed clean until it is clear.
c) The sugar gets smaller until you can no longer see it.
d) The sugar's temperature increases until it melts.

When should you wear goggles?
a) When stirring a solution
b) When measuring mass
c) When using a magnet
d) When heating water

What happens when you mix oil and water together?
a) The oil mixes with the water.
b) The oil melts in water.
c) The oil sinks to the bottom.
d) The oil keeps its physical properties.

What mixture could be separated using a filter?
a) Pepper and sugar
b) Iron filings and pepper.
c) Water and sand
d) Pebbles and marbles

Why is milk a liquid?
a) It is white.
b) Its particles are packed closely together.
c) It spreads out to fill the entire container.
d) It takes the shape of its container.

Which of the following is false?
a) Matter can expand when heated.
b) Matter can be destroyed when heated.
c) Matter can melt when heated.
d) Matter can evaporate when heated.

Which of the following is not a mixture?
a) Dirt
b) Soup
c) Apple
d) Carbon Dioxide

A dry metal plate was placed in a refrigerator for 10 minutes. It was then brought out into the air on a warm day. What do you think happened to the dry metal plate?
a) It started to melt.
b) Water started evaporating from it.
c) Condensation formed on it.
d) It started to freeze.

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