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Which of the following is a physical change
a) dissolving
b) evaporating
c) bending
d) all of the answers are correct

Which tool is best for separating a mixture of sand and water
a) tweezers
b) magnet
c) centrifuge
d) filter

Which of the following results in a mixture
a) baking a cake
b) burning a log
c) dissolving salt
d) digesting food

Which of the following causes a chemical change
a) moving
b) shattering
c) burning
d) melting

How can a chemical change be reversed
a) by chemical changes
b) by physical changes
c) by chemical and physical changes
d) none of the answers are correct

Which of the following is not a potential sign of a chemical change?
a) change in color
b) fizzing
c) change in odor
d) boiling

Matter is defined as anything that
a) can be seen and touched
b) has mass and takes up space
c) can be weighed
d) contains kinetic energy

The smallest unit of a substance that behaves like the substance is a(n)
a) element
b) molecule
c) atom
d) compound

The chemical for sulfuric acid is H2SO4. How many atoms are contained in each molecule of sulfuric acid
a) 3
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

Which of the following is an example of a gas - liquid
a) the air we breathe
b) a helium balloon
c) a carbonated drink
d) ice cubes

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