Wymer - SOL 10 Question Preview (ID: 44785)

Court System.

The Virginia court or courts that use a jury.
a) District and Circuit
b) Supreme
c) Circuit and Appeals
d) Circuit

The jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals of Virginia.
a) limited original
b) appellate
c) original
d) original and appellate

Which Virginia Court has appellate and limited jurisdiction.
a) District
b) Appeals
c) Supreme
d) Circuit

From where Virginia's court system gets its organization and jurisdiction.
a) Virginia Constitution and state laws
b) U.S. Constitution and Virginia Constitution
c) U.S. Constitution and federal and state laws
d) U.S. Constitution

Characteristics of the U.S. District court
a) original jurisdiction and with or without jury
b) appellate jurisdiction and no jury
c) limited original jurisdiction and with or without jury
d) original jurisdiction and no jury

The number of jury members on the U.S. Supreme Court.
a) 0
b) 12
c) 8
d) 15

Which court only has appellate jurisdiction?
a) U.S. Supreme
b) U.S. District
c) Virginia Supreme
d) U.S. Court of Appeals

The jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme court.
a) original and appellate
b) appellate
c) limited original and appellate
d) original and limited original

The Virginia court that has original jurisdiction for felony criminal cases.
a) District
b) Circuit
c) Supreme
d) Appeals

From where the U.S. court system gets its organization and jurisdiction.
a) President
b) U.S. Constitution and federal laws
c) Congress
d) Judicial branch and federal laws

Which court case established the principle of judicial review?
a) Brown v. Board of Education
b) Marbury v. Madison
c) Roe v. Wade
d) Madison v. Jefferson

In this type of case, a court determines if a person is guilty or not guilty of a misdemeanor or felony.
a) civil
b) juvenile
c) criminal
d) all of these

Police have to have this to arrest a person.
a) probable cause
b) evidence
c) witnesses
d) all of these

During this part of a criminal accusation, probable cause is reviewed, an attorney may be appointed, and a plea is entered.
a) setting of bail
b) being arrested
c) arraignment
d) review of probable cause

Which type of verdict can be appealed?
a) not guilty
b) guilty
c) both

This type of case settles a disagreement between two people.
a) criminal
b) civil
c) juvenile
d) all of these

The person who files a complaint in a civil case.
a) defendant
b) judge
c) attorney
d) plaintiff

The constitutional protection against unfair governmental actions and laws.
a) due process
b) judicial review
c) arraignment
d) double jeopardy

The two amendments that protect a person from unfair governmental actions and laws.
a) 1st and 5th
b) 4th and 21st
c) 2nd and 10th
d) 5th and 14th

Bill destroys his neighbors fence and the neighbor sues for damages. This case would be tried in which court?
a) civil
b) criminal
c) juvenile
d) circuit

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