1st Body System Test Question Preview (ID: 44784)

Body Systems Test.

Predict the next digestive system organ in the following sequence? mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach....
a) liver
b) kidneys
c) small intestine
d) large intestine

Which pair of body systems provide the raw materials that cells need for energy?
a) endocrine-nervous
b) lymphatic-muscular
c) skeletal-excretory
d) respiratory-digestive

White blood cells, part of the ??? system, work closely with the ??? system to protect us from infection and disease.
a) circulatory; immune
b) endocrine; lymphatic
c) circulatory; excretory
d) circulatory; respiratory

The human body is capable of movement because the muscular and skeletal systems work closely together. of the pairs of human body systems listed, which two are mostly closely linked in function?
a) digestive-skeletal
b) excretory-endocrine
c) reproductive-muscular
d) respiratory-circulatory

An eosinophil is a white blood cell involved in controlling infections. it is surrounded by red blood cells that carry oxygen. The white blood cell is part of the ??? system, while the red blood cells are part of the ??? system.
a) circulatory; immune
b) immune; respiratory
c) immune/ circulatory
d) circulatory; respiratory

The central nervous system is made up of the brain and the?
a) spinal cord
b) nervous system
c) heart
d) skull

Which of the following systems breaks food into nutrients that can be used by the body?
a) cardiovascular
b) respiratory
c) digestive
d) reproductive

Which functions as a communication system in the human body?
a) cardiovascular system
b) digestive system
c) skeletal system
d) nervous system

Which list gives the correct order of food traveling through the digestive system after it is allowed?
a) small intestine, large intestine, esophagus, stomach
b) esophagus, stomach, large intestine, small intestine
c) stomach, esophagus, large intestine, small intestine
d) esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine

Which body system typically recognizes, attacks, and destroys foreign cells or substances that may cause diseases?
a) excretory
b) respiratory
c) immune
d) digestive

Which component of blood is responsible for engulfing and digesting bacteria that invade the body?
a) Red blood cells
b) White blood cells
c) platelets
d) Plasma

Randy is sick with the flu and has swollen glands in his neck. what system is mostly likely causing the swelling?
a) the nervous
b) the skeletal
c) the lymphatic
d) the muscular

The main function of the human digestive system is to?
a) break down foods for absorption into the blood
b) carry nutrients to all parts of the body
c) exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs
d) release energy from sugars within the cells

Running is an activity that causes the cells in the muscular system to use oxygen at a faster rate. Which system responds by delivering more oxygen to these cells?
a) digestive
b) cardiovascular
c) nervous
d) endocrine

Homeostasis is vital to an organism because it allows the organism to?
a) Grow at the fastest rate possible
b) Camouflage against its background
c) Reproduce even when conditions are unfavorable
d) Maintain a stable internal environment

In the human body, all body systems work to maintain homeostasis. one system stands out as a leader, as it works with all other body systems. that is the ??? system
a) circulatory
b) endocrine
c) integumentary
d) nervous

You are a running in a race. What is one feedback mechanism that happens as you increase exercise and muscle activity?
a) leg cramps
b) longer steps
c) increased heart rate
d) decrease in body temperature

Organs, such as the stomach and the small and large intestines, are lined with smooth muscle tissue. These organs, due to the muscular contractions of their walls, involuntarily?
a) grind food into smaller pieces
b) move food through the digestive tract
c) add liquids to food to make it a slurry
d) supply digestive enzymes that aid in digestion

The ??? systems are most responsible for providing cells with oxygen and removing the carbon dioxide.
a) excretory and muscular
b) digestive and excretory
c) skeletal and respiratory
d) circulatory and respiratory

Mouth to stomach to intestines. What system helps the digestive system move food until it becomes waste?
a) circulatory
b) immune
c) muscular
d) skeletal

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