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In the story, Francisco said he like to sing the corridos he heard on the radio. Corridos are probably
a) Spanish commercials
b) hallways in the school
c) songs about Mexican life
d) English songs for Mexican children

Why did Francisco enjoy spending time with Arthur?
a) Arthur spoke a little bit of Spanish.
b) Arthur was interested in art.
c) Arthur liked to sing.
d) Arthur gave him one of his old coats.

Which statement shows one way that Francisco was like a caterpillar?
a) He was often by himself.
b) He became a different person when he received the award.
c) He wanted to flee the classroom.
d) He was clothed for a short time in the green jacket.

What is the most likely reason Francisco stayed inside with the caterpillar during recess?
a) He felt bad about being chosen last to play on the teams.
b) He wanted to learn how to read the book that explained about caterpillars.
c) He did not like being outside because it was cold.
d) He wanted to watch the caterpillar so he could see it change.

What is the most likely reason the author wrote this selection?
a) to inform readers about an artist's struggles
b) to tell readers what it's like for a non-English speaker to fit in
c) to persuade reader to be nice to their classmates
d) to teach readers about caterpillars

What happened after Francisco received a blue ribbon?
a) He set the caterpillar free.
b) He gave his parents the note.
c) He wore a green jacket.
d) He put his head down on his desk.

What is the setting of the story?
a) Mr. Sims' classroom
b) the home of Francisco
c) a school in the United States
d) a playground in Mexico

Why was Francisco's drawing of the butterfly important to the story?
a) It led to Francisco's having a friend at school.
b) It let the reader know that Francisco was a good artist.
c) It showed that Francisco wanted to fly away.
d) It showed that Francisco wanted to study caterpillars.

Why did Francisco give his drawing to Curtis at the end of the story?
a) He was afraid Curtis would fight him for it.
b) He did not like it.
c) He wanted to be Curtis's friend.
d) He wanted to impress his teacher.

What is the most likely reason the story is called
a) Because of his award, Francisco came out of his loneliness into a new life.
b) Francisco watched the butterfly fly out of the jar.
c) Francisco liked to stay inside when the other children went out to play.
d) Francisco wore his green jacket inside out.

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