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The Bourbon Triumvirate was considered an important group in Georgia after Reconstruction. Which best describes the members of this group?
a) founders of the KuKlux Klan
b) members of the Republican Party
c) citizens opposing Prohibition
d) supporters of the "New South" movement

How did the New Deal programs of the 1930's have a lasting effect on the Georgia economy?
a) Roads, public buildings, and other facilities were constructed using federal money.
b) Georgia's citizens were provided with income tax relief
c) The federal government provided money to attract new industries to Georgia.
d) The federal minimum wage was repealed, allowing wages to respond to supply and demand.

How did WWI create new opportunites for Georgia women?
a) Women formed knitting circles and made warm socks for the soldiers.
b) Women publicly demonstrated against this war.
c) Women dropped out of school to work in the home full time.
d) Women were able to fill jobs left vacant by men, and some began attending the University of Georgia.

Why did federal troops occupy Georgia for a third time in 1869?
a) The General Assembly refused to write a new state constitution.
b) The General Assembly refused to set up and provide funding for public schools.
c) Georgia\\\'s legislature would not ratify the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution.
d) Black legislators were expelled from Georgia\\\'s General Assembly.

What effect did the poll tax, literacy test, and white primaries have on black voters in the South during the early twentieth century?
a) The number of black voters increased dramatically.
b) Black voters gained job opportunities.
c) The number of black people attending school increased.
d) Black people were effectively barred from voting.

After Reconstruction, why was there a white backlash in Georgia against the Republican Party?
a) Most Georgians strongly opposed sharecropping.
b) Republicans opposed the efforts of the Freedman\\\'s Bureau.
c) Scalawags and carpetbaggers were associated with the Republican party.
d) KuKluxKlan activities were linked to the Republican party.

By the 1990's the majority of Georgia's population lived
a) in rural areas
b) along major rivers
c) on the eastern coast
d) within metropolitan Atlanta

In the South after the Civil War, which of the following enforced segregation in public accomodations?
a) property taxes
b) Jim Crow Laws
c) County Unit rules
d) Grandfather clauses

In which area would you most likely find Kaolin?
a) rural
b) urban
c) suburban
d) metropolitan

How did the Agricultural Adjustment Act of President Roosevelt's "New Deal" aid Georgia's farmers?
a) it gave price supports for farmers to grow less cotton
b) Farmer\\\'s crops were purchased by the federal government
c) It provided them with seeds to grow other crops.
d) Banks were forced to accept fifty percent of loans as payoffs.

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