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The 8th Amendment protects you from
a) cruel and unusual punishment
b) picking your religion
c) driving before you turn 35
d) freedom of speech

When a person is on trial for a criminal offense in the US, what does the Bill of Rights guarantee?
a) right to a lawyer
b) right to a sympathetic jury
c) right to a short trial
d) right to an unfair punishment

The executive branch is responsible for..
a) enforcing the laws
b) making the laws
c) judging the laws
d) thinking about the laws

The legislative branch
a) makes the laws
b) investigates the laws
c) judged the laws
d) enforces the laws

Why does the Constitution being with the We the People of the United States?
a) to make it clear that the people were creating the government
b) explain that people would be protected
c) show the country was free and independent
d) guarantee that everyone would have natural rights

The First Amendment gives you the right to
a) bear arms
b) freedom of religion
c) freedom from cruel and unusual punishment
d) freedom to not quarter soldiers

Which of the following statements about the 1st Amendment is not true?
a) protects property rights
b) gives you the right to assemble
c) gives freedom of speech
d) gives religious freedom

Which of the following most directly led to the writing of the US Constitution?
a) creation of the Bill of Rights
b) weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
c) victory at the Battle of Yorktown
d) declaring independence from Britain

All of the following were problems with the Articles of Confederation except
a) congress was weak and the states had all the power
b) government was too strong and the states were weak
c) there was no president
d) each state had a different form of currency

After the war, the new nation needed guidelines for how to work. These guidelines were called
a) Stamp Acts
b) Intolerable Acts
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Articles of Confederation

The most important result of the Treaty of Paris after the American Revolution was
a) it made the US a new country/nation
b) allowed the government to tax states to pay for the war
c) established the US Constitution
d) set the country's border by California

Which of the following is an effect of the American Revolution?
a) the writing of the Declaration of Independence
b) the Townshend Acts
c) creation of the US Constitution
d) the Boston Tea Party

What was an effect of the Townshend Acts?
a) colonists boycotted English items
b) British allowed the colonists to make their own rules
c) colonists dumped tea into the Boston Harbor
d) British doubled the number of soldiers in the colonies

'No taxation without representation' was a popular motto in the colonies because it was...
a) printed on pamphlets by the Sons of Liberty
b) recorded in the Declaration of Independence
c) a reminder that Britain didn't allow free speech
d) reflection of colonists' feelings about not being respected

What way did the colonists responded to the British government imposing taxes in the colonies?
a) the passed the Intolerable Acts
b) they signed the Mayflower Compact
c) they dumped tea into the Boston Harbor
d) they declared war on the French

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