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Who is Leo Tolstoy?
a) An astronaut
b) A pilot
c) The author of War and Peace and How Much Land Does a Man Need?

When did Leo Tolstoy die?
a) 1995
b) 1910
c) 2010
d) 1874

What was the reason Tolstoy wrote How Much Land Does A Man Need?
a) To talk about the problems of the peasants and to discuss greed.
b) To talk about potatoes
c) To feed his family
d) To practice his writing

Concerning Pahom's desire for land what does it do to Pahom's attitude?
a) It makes Pahom stay the same.
b) It makes Pahom happy.
c) It makes Pahom happy but then he wants more land and cannot stop.
d) Pahom gets tired of farming.

Who are the Bashkirs?
a) A tribe that sells Pahom land at a very expensive price of 1000 rubles a day.
b) People from France.
c) Tolstoy's neighbors.
d) Pahom's cousins.

How old was Tolstoy when his Mother died?
a) He was 45 when his mother died.
b) He was 22 when his mother died.
c) He was only 2 years old.
d) His Mom died after he did.

How old was Tolstoy when his father died?
a) He was seven years old.
b) His Dad is still alive.
c) His Dad ran away.
d) His Dad lived to be 105

When did Leo Tolstoy join the Military?
a) Age 5
b) Age 22
c) Age 13
d) Age 20

Where did Tolstoy die?
a) At the park
b) In a train station
c) In the mountains
d) At home

What did Tolstoy's crisis do to his life?
a) It did nothing
b) He separated himself from his family.
c) He did not eat
d) He went to sleep

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