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Which of the following is a goods-producing business?
a) Toyota Company
b) Resort World Sentosa
c) Raffles Hospital
d) NTUC Childcare

Which of the following is a service business?
a) Coca Cola Company
b) Koh Brothers Construction Company
c) Singapore Airlines
d) Walls Ice-Cream Company

Which type of retail store sells a specific range of products and related items?
a) Convenience Store
b) Specialty Store
c) Department Store
d) Supermarket

Which of the following does not belong to the exterior of the store?
a) Display Window
b) Store Signage
c) Store Flooring
d) Entrance

Which of the following accomodation has a self-catering kitchen?
a) Deluxe Hotel
b) Serviced Apartment
c) Budget Hotel
d) Boutique Hotel

Which food and beverage service operation serves food that reflects a particular culture.
a) Fine-dining Restaurant
b) Theme Restaurant
c) Ethnic Restaurant
d) Family Restaurant

What does MICE stand for?
a) Many Interesting Conferences and Exhibitions
b) Many Interesting Conventions and Excursions
c) Marketing, Interests, Conferences and Exhibitions
d) Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions

Tourists whose trips are specially designed to break a long flight are known as _____________.
a) Stopover Holiday Tourists
b) Medical Tourists
c) Mature Tourists
d) Special-interest Tourists

What are the 4Ps of Marketing?
a) Place, Price, Packaging, Promotion
b) Promotion, Place, Price, Product
c) Price, Place, Public Relations, Promotion
d) Product, Price, Promotion, Personal Selling

Which pricing technique involves setting different prices for different versions of the same product?
a) Product-line Pricing
b) Optional-product Pricing
c) Product-bundle Pricing
d) Promotional Pricing

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