Skeletal System Question Preview (ID: 44502)

This Review Game Test Basic Knowledge Of The Skeletal System.

What are the names of some of your bones?
a) Mario, Snoopy, Sponge Bob, Dora
b) femur, humerus, skull, pelvis
c) Claudia, Jostin, Kailey, Steven

What are joints?
a) Joints connect bones to each other.
b) Joints connect skin together.
c) Joints connect muscles to each other.

What can you do to take care of your bones?
a) eat junk food and watch TV
b) eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly
c) sit in a chair and play video games

What is bone marrow?
a) a bone that protects your brain
b) the part of your bone that makes blood
c) the bone that protects your heart

What happens after you break a bone?
a) Your body connects the bones together.
b) The bone is broken forever.
c) Your body gets rid of the bones.

Which bone protects my brain from getting hurt?
a) ribcage
b) skull
c) pelvis

Which body system provides protection to your heart, lungs, and brain ?
a) muscular system
b) skeletal system
c) nervous system

What makes up most of your skeleton?
a) bones
b) muscles
c) skin

Which bones protect my heart and lungs?
a) ulna and radius (arm bones)
b) ribcage and sternum (chest bone)
c) tibia and fibula (leg bones)

What are two jobs of the skeletal system?
a) support (hold up) my body and protect my body
b) move my bones and digest my food
c) pump my blood and send messages to my brain

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