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Marcus Garvey
a) scary guy
b) loud guy
c) weird guy
d) Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican-born black nationalist and leader of the Pan-Africanism movement, which sought to unify and conn

Immigration Act of 1924(Quotas)
a) wow thats tuff
b) limited the number of immigrants allowed entry into the United States through a national origins quota.
c) boredom
d) sleep

Charles Lindberg
a) famous chef who beat gordan ramsay
b) famous athlete that raced usain bolt and won
c) famous who flew to paris on his own
d) famous basketball player who beat the warriors

The Great Migration
a) darkness
b) people leaving
c) house on a hill
d) six million African-Americans out of the rural Southern United States to the urban Northeast, Midwest, and West

Buying on Margin
a) begging for cash
b) borrowing money from a broker to purchase stock
c) needing money
d) money

a) nosy people
b) business
c) Govt stays out of business
d) personal stuff

a) movement from one place to another
b) going to the fridge
c) waking up
d) jumping to a high place

a) a political and economic system in which the major productive resources are owned by the public or the state
b) type of shades
c) sleep for dinner
d) hunger pain

18th Amendment
a) banning of fake shoes
b) banning of alcohol
c) banning of drugs
d) banning of cars

19th Amendment
a) parakeet
b) alcohol
c) legalizing weed
d) Women's right to vote

a) a group of people
b) weird stuff
c) killing of someone(usually black males) especially by hanging, for an alleged offense with or without a legal trial

Introduction of auto on society
a) bored people
b) changed daily lives, increased a national economy as people began to travel
c) a bird
d) a food

Red Scare
a) atmosphere of panic related to Communism
b) a horror movie
c) a nightmare
d) a bird

Harlem Renaissance
a) young bulls
b) family Reunion
c) a get together
d) political, cultural and social contribution by African Americans

a) more things being sold
b) increased buying of products
c) starvation
d) hungry people

a) people that talk a lot
b) a scared woman
c) a bird
d) independent woman of the 20’s-short hair, heavy makeup, smoked, drank, danced

Stock Market
a) trade market
b) where shares of publicly held companies are bought and traded
c) some pretty fun stuff
d) a party

a) Popular Music form of the 20’s influenced by African Americans
b) beautiful music
c) chill stuff
d) im bored

a) just a pizza
b) views that favor native born people over immigrants
c) Native born guys
d) dope people

a) just normal folk
b) i give up
c) when people jump high
d) when people come into a new land from another land

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