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Mary is 64 inches tall. How tall is she in centimeters?
a) 160 cm
b) 162.56 cm
c) 25.2 cm
d) 170 cm

We are traveling from Knoxville, TN, to Helen, GA. The distance is approximately 290 km. How far is it in miles?
a) 179.8 mi
b) 200 mi
c) 476.74 mi
d) 175 mi

The new born horse in the stable weighs 97 lbs. How much does the baby horse weigh in kilograms?
a) 30 kg
b) 213.4 kg
c) 50 kg
d) 44.1 kg

The Cobalt has a gas tank that holds 14 gallons of gas. How many liters of gas does it hold?
a) 50 L
b) 55 L
c) 52.99 L
d) 3.7 L

The diameter of a compact disc is roughly 12 centimeters. What is the diameter in inches?
a) 4.72 in
b) 5 in
c) 4 in
d) 30.48 in

The distance from Marsha's house to her grandmother's house is about 200.5 miles. How far is it from Marsha's house to her grandmother's in kilometers?
a) 330.53 km
b) 300 km
c) 323.39 km
d) 124.31 km

The plastic chairs on the back patio have a weight limit of approximately 250 lbs. What is the weight limit in kilograms?
a) 113.64 kg
b) 109.43 kg
c) 403.23 kg
d) 400 kg

Pat bought 10 gallons of sweet tea at the filling station. How many liters of sweet tea did she buy?
a) 2.64 L
b) 35 L
c) 38 L
d) 37.85 L

Philip discovered that his new puppy weighed 6.25 pounds. How much did the puppy weigh in kilograms?
a) 3 kg
b) 2.84 kg
c) 1.5 kg
d) 13.75 kg

The writing spider outside the window is close to 2.5 in long from leg to leg. About how long is the spider in centimeters?
a) 6 cm
b) 7 cm
c) 6.35 cm
d) 5 cm

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