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There are ___________ regions in the US.
a) three
b) four
c) five
d) six

What two rivers create rich farmland in the Southeast?
a) Mississippi and Red
b) Santee and Mississippi
c) Mississippi and Pee Dee
d) Mississippi and St. Louis

The Southeast has the world's largest ______________ system.
a) water
b) cave
c) discipline
d) school

How is the water in the Great Lakes different than the ocean\\\'s water?
a) It is red.
b) It is peppery.
c) It has no animals living in it.
d) It is fresh.

What is the highest landform in the US?
a) Death Valley
b) Mt. McKinley
c) Mt. Everest
d) Sahara Desert

What is the lowest landform in the US?
a) Death Valley
b) Mt. McKinley
c) Mississippi River
d) Red Valley

Who determined the state boundaries in the US?
a) the government
b) the citizens of the states
c) the explorers
d) the Indians

When air _______________, water vapor in the air forms small drops.
a) rises
b) cools
c) heats up
d) falls

Where do tiny drops of water form bigger drops before it rains or snows?
a) mud puddle
b) near the sun
c) clouds
d) soil

What one of these is NOT a factor that affects an areas climate?
a) the distance a place is from the equator
b) the place's elevation
c) how many people live in the area
d) how far a place is from a large body of water

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