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Marco Polo’s book, Travels, described his travels to
a) China
b) Africa
c) Australia
d) Asia

The period of intellectual and artistic creativity became known as the
a) Reformation
b) Renaissance
c) Line of Demarcation
d) Exploration

_____________ is the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes
a) Technology
b) Astrolabe
c) Exploration
d) Renaissance

_________ is an instrument that measured the position of stars; helped sailors determine latitude.
a) Magnetic Compass
b) Stern Rudder
c) Astrolabe
d) Triangular Sail

Which invention(s) enable ships to sail into the wind?
a) Stern Rudder
b) Magnetic Compass
c) Triangular Sail
d) Stern Rudder and Triangular Sail

What was the small, fast ship that was created for long voyages called?
a) Caravel
b) Yacht
c) Row Boat
d) Cruise Ship

Henry the Navigator set up center for _________.
a) Travel
b) Renaissance
c) Exploration
d) Vikings

Vasco de Gama was the first to sail to
a) Europe
b) America
c) Asia
d) Africa

Who were actually the first to discover America in the 800's?
a) Bartholomeu Dias
b) Henry the Navigator
c) Vikings
d) Vasco de Gama

Who paid for Columbus' trip?
a) Europe
b) Africa
c) Spain
d) Asia

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