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Properties Of Minerals And Their Formation.[print questions]

Which of the following is the LEAST reliable to identify a mineral?
a) streak color
b) density
c) hardness
d) color

Calcite will scratch gypsum. This is an example of the physical characteristics called ____.
a) hardness
b) fracture
c) streak
d) cleavage

The physical properties of minerals result from their
a) density and color
b) texture and color of streak
c) type of cleavage and hardness
d) internal arrangement of atomsr

Scratching a mineral against a glass plate is a method used for determining the mineral's
a) hardness
b) luster
c) color
d) cleavage

Which mineral property is illustrated by the peeling of muscovite mica into thin, flat sheets?
a) cleavage
b) hardness
c) chemical composition
d) density

What is NOT an example of a mineral?
a) Gold
b) Quartz
c) Steel
d) Sulfur

What is the name for the color of the powder left behind when a mineral is rubbed across a hard surface?
a) luster
b) tenacity
c) streak
d) fracture

What are two main types of luster?
a) dense and porous
b) metallic and nonmetallic
c) coarse and smooth
d) striated and non-striated

What is one of the better ways to identify most minerals?
a) looking at the color.
b) determining if it reacts with hydrochloric acid
c) checking for magnetism
d) using the Mohs scale of hardness

What is a crystal?
a) A type of mineral.
b) The way that a mineral breaks along flat planes.
c) A type of rock.
d) A solid made of atoms arranged in an orderly fashion.

What is NOT a property of a mineral?
a) It has a crystalline form.
b) It has a definite chemical composition.
c) It is organic.
d) It is a solid element or compound.

What is NOT a way that a mineral can be formed?
a) in a laboratory
b) in a naturally-occurring chemical reaction
c) during crystallization by magma
d) by evaporation

The tendency of minerals to break with rough or jagged surfaces
a) cleavage
b) luster
c) fracture
d) specific gravity

the tendency of a mineral to break along a smooth, flat surface
a) fracture
b) cleavage
c) metallic
d) luster

How light is reflected from a mineral
a) color
b) metallic
c) luster
d) cleavage

Which of the following is a special property of iron?
a) It reacts to hydrochloric acid.
b) It glows under a blacklight.
c) It is magnetic.
d) It melts at high temperatures.

Which of the following is a special property of some minerals?
a) Looking glassy under a light.
b) Bubbling when exposed to hydrochloric acid.
c) breaking in thin, flat sheets
d) making a white streak across a tile.

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