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Chapter 5 Test.[print questions]

This person invaded Kush and destroyed Meroë.
a) Axum
b) Amenhotep IV
c) Re
d) Thebes

Kushite traders brought back cotton, textiles, and other goods in exchange for
a) iron products and slaves.
b) ivory and gold.
c) valuable wood and incense.
d) wheat and rice.

After breaking away from Egyptian rule, Kush eventually
a) conquered Egypt.
b) gave up all Egyptian customs and beliefs.
c) refused to trade with Egypt.
d) signed a peace treaty with Egypt.

The capital of Kush, located on a trade route, was
a) Kerma
b) Giza
c) Napata
d) Ur

What was the main reason the Middle Kingdom ended?
a) A woman pharaoh, Hatshepsut, came into power
b) Nubia conquered Egypt
c) The Hyksos, warriors from western Asia, conquered Egypt.
d) Trade decreased greatly.

The Nile River’s flooding could be described as
a) Unpredictable
b) Destructive
c) Gentle and predictable
d) Rare

The chief god of the Egyptians was
a) Bel
b) Re
c) Osiris
d) Tutankhamen

Which best describes the type of government in Egypt after 3100 B.C.?
a) Democracy
b) Dynasty
c) An independent city-state
d) Constitutional monarchy

One of the reasons the Kushites moved their capital to Meroë was to be close to
a) Iron ore deposits
b) Kerma
c) Napata
d) the Egyptians

Which is a reason that the Nile has been called “the lifeblood” of Egypt?
a) It borders two of the largest deserts in the world.
b) It has dangerous cataracts.
c) It is the longest river in the world.
d) Its valley and delta provide fertile soil for farming.

The place where Egyptian families spent time together was their
a) Plazas
b) Pyramids
c) Rooftops
d) Temples

In what two ways are Mesopotamia and Egypt the same?
a) Farming surpluses meant people could become artisans, merchants, and traders. Both economies grew as a result.
b) Both civilizations had the same types of government and religions beliefs.
c) Both had natural defenses and floods.
d) Both had major rivers and dependable floods.

How did the Egyptians take advantage of the Nile’s yearly spring flooding?
a) They became successful farmers.
b) They created hieroglyphics.
c) They grew papyrus.
d) They irrigated during the dry season.

While building the pyramids, the Egyptians developed
a) a 365-day calendar with 12 months
b) a new social class
c) geometry
d) hieroglyphics

A line of rulers that passes power from father to son is a
a) Delta
b) Dynasty
c) Reign
d) Scimitar

The Nile River—the longest river in the world—is ____ miles long.
a) 6437
b) 4000
c) 1046
d) 650

Pharaoh who tried to start a new religion based on one deity, Aton
a) Hapi
b) Amenhotep IV
c) Thebes
d) Axum

capital city of Egypt during the Middle Kingdom
a) Axum
b) Re
c) Thebes
d) Hapi

Egyptian sun god
a) Amenhotep IV
b) Axum
c) Hapi
d) Re

Egyptian river god
a) Hapi
b) Axum
c) Re
d) Thebes

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