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One example of a political machine was:
a) Hull House
b) Town Hall
c) Congress
d) Tammany Hall

Chinese immigrants were helpful in
a) fighting for equal rights
b) planting potatoes
c) providing technological resources
d) building the Transcontinental Railroad

Chicago was home to which industry?
a) Textiles
b) Meat Packing
c) Peach Growing
d) Steel

Pennsylvania is home to which industry?
a) Textiles
b) Meat Packing
c) Raising Dairy Cattle
d) Steel

People moved from rural to urban areas in search of
a) an escape from reservations
b) farming opportunities
c) refuge from oppressive governments
d) job opportunities in the factory

Which immigrant groups faced discrimination following the Civil War?
a) African and Chinese
b) Chinese and American Indian
c) American Indian and Irish
d) Chinese and Irish

Which statements refer to Post-Civil War changes in farm and city life?
a) Mechanization reduced farm labor needs.
b) Industrial development increased labor needs.
c) Industrialization provided access to consumer goods.
d) All of these.

Cornelius Vanderbilt was the captain of which industry?
a) Shipping and Railroads
b) Oil
c) Electricity
d) Steel

Which of the following was not a big business in the years following the Civil War?
a) Railroads
b) Steel
c) Agriculture
d) Oil

What is the process in which immigrants become part of the American culture and act like Americans?
a) Nativisim
b) Conversion
c) Assimilation
d) Acceptance

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