Earth’s Layers And Continental Drift Question Preview (ID: 44217)

Review Layers Of The Earth, Theory Of Continental Drift And Pangaea.

Which of the following is NOT a layer of the Earth?
a) Atmosphere
b) Lithosphere
c) Asthenosphere
d) Core

Which layer of Earth do we live on?
a) Outer Core
b) Inner Core
c) Mantle
d) Crust

Which layer of the Earth is divided into tectonic plates?
a) Outer Core
b) Inner Core
c) Lithosphere
d) Asthenosphere

Which layer of the Earth is made of flowing rock?
a) Outer Core
b) Inner Core
c) Lithosphere
d) Asthenopshere

What is Pangaea?
a) An extinct volcano
b) An ancient fossil
c) An ancient supercontinent
d) An ancient pyramid

What is the theory of continental drift?
a) Tectonics plate move due to convection in the mantle
b) All continents were once a giant landmass and have drifted to their current location
c) All continents move together over the earth every 5 million years
d) Continents drifted randomly over oceans due to massive tidal waves

What are the two main evidences for continental drift?
a) Puzzle-like fit and similar fossils
b) Similar fossils and bird droppings
c) Puzzle-like fit and tidal wave expansion
d) Similar atmospheric lines and weathering of rock

Which of the following is NOT evidence of continental drift?
a) Continents fit together like a puzzle
b) Mountain ranges in South America and Africa match up
c) Similar fossils on different continents
d) The North and South Poles are covered with ice

What will the earth look like 250 million years from now?
a) All the continents will look exactly the same
b) All the continents will get smaller due to weathering
c) All the continents will get bigger due to deposition
d) All the continents will come together and form another Pangaea

What is convection?
a) Hot material sinks and cool material rises
b) Hot material moves under cool material
c) Hot material rises and cool material sinks
d) Hot material moves around cool material

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