3.01 Apply Controls Associated With Visual Studio Form Question Preview (ID: 44208)

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Which area of the IDE is used to change the text displayed in an object on a form?
a) The Properties window
b) The Properties door
c) The Start Page
d) The Toolbar

Amy is writing a program to prompt the user for his/her birth date. What will she use to include the prompt on her form?
a) Texbox
b) Message box
c) Label
d) Flowchart

Greg wants to change the size of the text in a label. Which label property should he change?
a) Diamond
b) (Name)
c) Textbox
d) Font

Which saves a solution to a disk?
a) Click the Save button on the standard toolbar.
b) Click the Save button on the menu toolbar.
c) Select File, then Save All and use the Browse button to select the appropriate location for the project
d) Save as Your Name and Class Period

Which button would be clicked before Start in order to run an application using the menu bar?
a) Build
b) Modiffy
c) Rotate
d) Debug

Which property value must be utilized to show a radio button as selected?
a) radProgram.Checked =FALSE
b) radProgram.Checked =TRUE
c) radProgram.selected =FALSE
d) radProgram.selected =TRUE

Which statement would change the color of the form to red?
a) BackColor= Blue/ Red
b) BackColor.Text= Color.Red
c) BackColor(Color. Red)
d) BackColor= Color.Red

Which property value identifies a control in code?
a) (Name)
b) 'Name
c) Font
d) Rextbox

You are programming an ice cream application and has four different toppings: sprinkles, peanuts, almonds, and cherries. Which control would allow the user to choose any or none of the toppings?
a) TEXTbox
b) Checkbox
d) WINDOWbox

What control is used to get written input from the user?
a) Button
b) TextBox
c) Font
d) Pseudocode

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