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What are lions, wolves and dogs examples of?
a) Bipeds
b) Tripods
c) Quadrupeds
d) Peddlers

If someone was set free, what happened to them?
a) Manacles
b) Emancipation
c) Pedicure
d) Maneuevered

What does a company do if they create sneakers and sell them?
a) Peddler
b) Manipulate
c) Maneuever
d) Manufacture

What do authors write?
a) Mandates
b) Manuscripts
c) Pedicures
d) Maneuevers

Who is the person in charge of a company or restaurant?
a) Manager
b) Peddler
c) Pedestrian
d) Manacle

What does the root ped mean?
a) Hands
b) Foot
c) Cut
d) Together

What does the roots man and manu mean?
a) Foot
b) Together
c) Hand
d) Join

What does the word tri mean in the word tripod?
a) Hold
b) Attempt
c) Four
d) Three

What does bi mean in the word biped?
a) Three
b) Four
c) One
d) Two

Manicure is to hands, as pedicure is to__________.
a) Feet
b) Clothes
c) Streets
d) Hands

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