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Which of the following plants is nonvascular?
a) fern
b) moss
c) conifer
d) monocot

The ___ stage of a fern is a tiny plant that produces eggs and sperms.
a) angiosperm
b) gymnosperm
c) sporophyte
d) gametophyte

Each moss plant has slender, hairlike threads of cells called ___ that help hold the plant in place.
a) rhizoids
b) rhizomes
c) filaments
d) anthers

Moss plants have
a) roots.
b) stems.
c) leafy stalks.
d) seeds.

Which group of plants has a gametophyte that is usually shaped like a tiny heart?
a) mosses
b) ferns
c) horsetails
d) club mosses

Ferns have underground stem called a ___.
a) rhizoid
b) cuticle
c) rhizome
d) seed

Which group of plants is represented by only about 15 living species?
a) liverworts
b) club mosses
c) horsetails
d) ferns

Which group of plants has a sporophyte that looks like a tiny palm tree or umbrella?
a) liverworts
b) clubmosses
c) horsetails
d) ferns

Which group of plants produces spores in spore cases on the underside of its leaves?
a) horsetails
b) ferns
c) liverworts
d) club mosses

Seedless vascular plants include ferns, horsetails, and ___.
a) pine trees
b) liverworts
c) mosses
d) club mosses

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