Vocab Week 2 Question Preview (ID: 44166)

Vocab Week 2.

Autonomy means...
a) Independence
b) Thoughtful
c) Automatic
d) Upsetting

Poignant means...
a) anticlimactic
b) boring
c) moving, touching
d) creative

Ebbing means...
a) growing or multiplying
b) success or achievement
c) weaving or threading
d) lessening or weakening

impede means...
a) permit through
b) block or obstruct
c) flow freely
d) broken up

imperceptible means...
a) ridged
b) obvious
c) aware
d) unnoticeable

Regressive means...
a) moving backward
b) moving forward
c) repeating
d) instituting something

conviction means...
a) wish or hope
b) strong belief
c) causal statement
d) regular chat

chronic means...
a) constant, habitual
b) never, not often
c) sometimes, often
d) annually, biannual

integrate means...
a) exciting
b) combine, unify
c) take away something
d) forgetfulness

manifest means...
a) oblivious, not obvious
b) blind, unable to see
c) appear, become evident
d) clump together

intermittent means...
a) occurring often
b) occurring from time to time
c) occurring all the time
d) never occurring

Phenomenon means...
a) event, circumstance
b) strange thing
c) exciting time
d) intermittent

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