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What two countries make up the Iberian Peninsula?
a) Ukraine and Russia
b) Norway and Sweden
c) Greece and Italy
d) Spain and Portugal

What physical feature in Russia separates Asia from Europe?
a) Ural Mountains
b) Alps Mountains
c) Danube River
d) Rhine River

Which country does the Rhine River flow through?
a) France
b) Spain
c) Germany
d) Poland

What were most European cities and industrial centers built around?
a) valleys
b) rivers and waterways
c) plains
d) mountains

What is the natural border between France and Spain?
a) Pyrenees Mountains
b) Danube River
c) Alps
d) Ural Mountains

What are the four regions of the United Kingdom?
a) England, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Scotland
b) English, Switzerland, Norway, and Ireland
c) England, Scotland, Wales, and Iceland
d) England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

Which landform covers more than half of Europe?
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) English Channel
c) European Plain
d) Iberian Peninsula

What do you use to find the absolute location of a place?
a) a phone book
b) latitude and longitude
c) a compass
d) a map

Russia is so big it spans two continents. Name them.
a) Europe and Asia
b) Antartica and Europe
c) Russia and Siberia
d) Asia and Africa

Why do most people in Europe live west of the Ural Mountains?
a) They only have two seasons, summer and winter.
b) Because the climate is warmer and the land are more fertile
c) Most people do not want to live in the mountains
d) The culture there is more diverse

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