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a French fort that stood on the site of Pittsburgh, Pa.: captured in 1758 by the British in the French and Indian War.
a) Ft. Pitt
b) Ft. Duquesne
c) Ft. Albany
d) Ft. Champlain

(1756–63) in which England and Prussia defeated France, Austria, Russia, Sweden, and Saxony.
a) Seven Years War
b) Russo-Saxon War
c) War of the Frontier
d) British Conflict

a royal decree that prohibited colonists from establishing settlements west of an imaginary line running down the crest of the Appalachian Mountains.
a) Proclamation of 1771
b) Proclamation of 1761
c) Proclamation of 1776
d) Proclamation of 1763

The French controlled land in the west from ________ up to Canada
a) Mississippi
b) Louisiana
c) Missouri
d) Florida

None of the colonies would accept the idea of British rule with a continental assembly for fear of losing some of their own ____________.
a) Autonomy
b) Tax Base
c) Military
d) Sufficiency

Which group was often able to render colonial governors powerless?
a) Colonists
b) British Crown
c) Assemblies
d) Parliament

What event brought about a drastic change in the relationship between the colonies and the mother country?
a) Albany Plan
b) Removal of the French
c) Seven Years War
d) Writ of Assistance

In Europe, French forces captured which British territory in the Mediterranean?
a) Albania
b) Sicily
c) Sardinia
d) Minorca

a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.
a) Pioneers
b) Colonists
c) Frontiersmen
d) Voyager

a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.
a) Colonist
b) Militia
c) Guardsmen
d) Pioneer

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