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Which type of filtration uses bacteria?
a) Biological
c) Mechanical
d) Chemical

Which nitrogen waste is the most harmful?
a) ammonia
b) pH
c) nitrite
d) nitrate

What is the proper pH range for a freshwater aquarium?
a) 6.8-7.8
b) 7.8-8.6
c) 7.8-8.2
d) 6.8-7.2

What is the proper temperature for most tropical freshwater fish?
a) 68-72 degrees F
b) 80-86 degrees F
c) 78-82 degrees F
d) 72-82 degrees F

Which test checks for nitrogenous wastes in an aquarium?
a) pH
b) temperature
c) salinity
d) ammonia

What device is used to add or remove water to an aquarium?
a) filter
b) siphon
c) hydrometer
d) heater

What is the rule of adding fish to a tank?
a) 1 inch of fish for every 5 gallons
b) 1 inch of fish for every 15 gallons
c) 1 inch of fish for every gallon
d) 1 inch of fish for every 10 gallons

Which type of bacteria breakdown ammonia?
a) nitrobacter
b) neutrobacteria
c) ammoniateria
d) nitrosomonas

Which fins on a fish are used for steering or stopping?
a) caudal and dorsal fins
b) pectoral and pelvic fins
c) pectoral and caudal fins
d) dorsal and anal fins

What should be done if the chemical tests are too high or too low?
a) Nothing it will correct itself in time
b) Do a 10-20 % water change using the siphon and water conditioner
c) Add more charcoal to the filter
d) Empty all the water with the siphon and start over

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