Grade 9 Week 7 Question Preview (ID: 44106)

Review Consumerism Issues And Reading Comprehension Strategies.

Which is not one of the four factors in consumerism we studied?
a) price
b) identity
c) health and safety
d) environment

Which are the four factors of consumerism as studied in class?
a) health and safety, identity, environment and jobs
b) jobs, quality, health and safety and identity
c) identity, price, jobs, health and safety
d) identity, health and safety, jobs, economy

what is the definition of consumerism?
a) an economic theory that links prosperity, quality of life, and the economic choices consumers make when purchasing items
b) organisms consuming foods
c) consumers on the food chain
d) individuals spending money for a variety of reasons

what is a consumer?
a) a person that is buying items with extra capital that he or she may have
b) an animal that eats other animals or plants
c) individuals who create goods
d) an economic theory that dictates what sorts of products are available

Which is the word that matches this definition: a variety of factors that determine how well an individual exists on a day to day basis.
a) quality of life
b) consumerism
c) social programs
d) identity

Which is the word that matches this definition: how a person sees themselves
a) identity
b) gender
c) values
d) environment

Why does the government make laws in regards to products placed on the market?
a) to ensure safety and health of the public.
b) to ensure that Canadian producers make more money than producers operating overseas.
c) to ensure that prices of goods remain high.
d) to ensure prices of goods remain low.

What is a producer?
a) an individual or company that creates products or goods
b) a plant that makes energy through the process of photosynthesis
c) an individual or company that creates pollution
d) an individual or company that purchases products or goods from other individuals or companies

What reading comprehension strategy has you make a movie in your head
a) visualization
b) synthesize
c) inference
d) connections

What does text to self mean?
a) to connect a piece of writing to something you or someone you know has experienced
b) to send a text message to your own number
c) to write a journal that is intended for your purposes only
d) to connect a piece of writing to another form of writing

What reading strategy encourages readers to link what they have read a variety of different ideas.
a) connections
b) synthezise
c) determining importance
d) inference

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